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 Welcome to my little niche of the world. My name is James Logan Jr., and I’m performing and producing under the pseudonym Mental Extract. My consistent interest in ever changing cultures and determination to create something new has led me here…Along with generating groundbreaking solutions for the always changing scene.  I have always had music involved in my everyday life, but started expanding my talents in 1999. Granted I hadn’t touched a “turntable” until 2009, but I was privy to the experience of playing the Tenor, Baritone, and Alto Saxophone.  I ranged from Classical to Jazz, even crowd pleasing Rock‘n’Roll.  I was brought on to the idea of becoming a live performance DJ in ’06, but didn’t follow through with the idea for three years. My first gig was Friday and Saturday nights at The Hangout that summer, and the rest is history. I made a major change to the current name in the Fall of 2012 following a parallel decision to start producing!  It goes without saying that music has always and will always be in my life, but now it’s about even more.  Thank you for dropping in on the page. I have plenty of material for you to browse and would love to hear from anyone, concerning anything, via the contact page.


the Summer's Hottest party mix is finally finished! check the music page for downloads or just click the artwork!


"It's clean, it's pure, it's 100%

"Girls' Night Out" is Hot & Live! Click the Artwork to open the Music Page and Get Access to the Download Links!


Ladies & Gentlemen, He's at it Again! Download links on the music page. Click the artwork or use the page tabs!

New MIX Release:"Blender Vol. II"  DOWNLOAD HERE!

Currently hosting events and performing every weekend @ the hottest nightclub on pleasure island, live bait too!



New Track: "My Different Mind Shake[M.E. MiniMix]"
Check out all of my tracks on the Music Page.

Zombiepocalypse: A big success!

 Thank you so much to everyone who came out! Pictures are up in the photos tab or on the Mental Extract Facebook page. Check 'em out!!        

Blender Vol. I
Mental Extract PROMO MIX

 <---Just click the warning Sign to navigate to my "Music" Page and download my first solo promo CD for FREE! The title says it all. It's a BLENDER! Quite a few genres make an appearance on this CD. Stuff like Dubstep, breaks, trance, hip hop, top 40, Classic Rock, House, Booty, Mash-Up, and Electro. Please feel free to burn a copy for your friends and send me any feedback you have via my contact page. Please ENJOY!


 Summer '14